Our Workflow

This is our process. Simple as it is
01. Requirement Understanding

We sit down and talk. Our customers explain to us what exactly do they need, and we make their dream website come true.

02. Planning & Time Management

Before we start any work - we figure out how long it will take, what resources are we going to use, so we can deliver a quality product on time.

03. Start Design and Coding

We put our minds and imagination to work. We take our time, to make sure that the end result is surpassing the customers expectations.

04. Test and Deliver within deadline

After we are done with our designing part - it comes time for our QA team to jump in. They go through the website, and make sure that everything works correctly.


These are the services we provide, these makes us stand apart.
we are experts in developing your business. This is Webolator.
We are not just a normal web developing company. We don't just stop there. We also optimize your website to be a top notch site, so you will always be lightning years infront of your competition. We implement the newest technologies and make sure that your site is ranking up in Google and other search engines.


Some things you should know about us.
Our business is based on happy customers. Our main goal is to design pages, that are made with taste, and look good on the business that they represent.

We have been in business since 2004. We are located in Georgia, and our customers are mainly located within the state. We have created pages for small to mid sized businesses. There are many web designing services out there, and some of them do a pretty good job with the design. However, who needs a brilliant looking web site when nobody can find it? This is where we come in. We are not just a web designing company. We also make that page visible. Our main goal is to bring you more and more customers. To inform the world on who you are. This is why we have an unbeatable Search Engine Optimization program, which submits your newly created site, or your already existing site, to various search engines. We also do our magic to make sure that you show up in the first places in Google Search.

This is why we stand out from the rest of the web designing proffesionals. Also, if needed, we provide support in various computer languages. Lets say that you would like to have a little admin part of the website. We have a team that develops applications on Java / C / JavaScript and many more if needed. So whatever your needs are - we can meet them.

Unlike other companies out there - we never outsource your projects. Everything is created within our office in Atlanta, Georgia.



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